Muppet Christmas Carol

Sticking with the Christmas theme, me and a couple friends watched the Muppet Christmas Carol this weekend. It had been a real long time since I watched this; the last time I remember I was in the third grade. But, much like The Muppet Movie that came out a few weeks ago, this was a film that I had a hard time not smiling all the way through. In fact I think I prefer the spins the Muppet’s took on classic tales like this, something they also do with “Treasure Island” (another film I wouldn’t mind watching again), than I did the new movie. I really enjoyed the new movie don’t get me wrong, but I think it was something about the fresh air of life the Muppets bring into these highly recognizable stories that make it a whole other experience than when they are just being themselves. And let’s not forget that we get to see the great Michael Caine act along side Kermit and others. If you’re not a fan of the Muppets I can see where you could attack some of the qualities of the movie, but for me, like Disney movies, this is such a fond memory of childhood and something that brings me back into that frame of mind that I will happily ignore any faults it may have just to have another hour and a half reprise from being my own age.