Holiday Movies

We are less than two weeks away from Christmas and so I thought this was the right time of year to finally¬†see two Christmas movies that I hear about every year from people. One I haven’t ever found the time to sit down all the way through due to it always being aired on TV when my family and I are on our way to Christmas Eve Mass; the other more recent that just hasn’t come to mind until late that it’s something I should sit down and finally see.

First, the holiday staple that is Frank Capra’s “It’s A Wonderful Life”. This is a film that airs every Christmas Eve on NBC, but as I made reference to, I’ve never been able to watch it all the way through. It’s often called the best Christmas movie out there, as well as just one of the best movies ever made, so I’ve been looking forward to this for a while.

The second is “Love Actually”. I full heartedly admit that a romantic movie (there is significant difference between this and a chick-flick) is something I enjoy quite a lot, and this is one I’ve heard about since high school, from both girls and guys. With a cast that features so many great British actors, probably only second to the Harry Potter series, I’m hopping it lives up to the hype.