Coming Attractions: February Releases

Happy Leap Year everybody. The universe has decided to give us an extra day in the month of February this year and confuse people what happens to kids who actually are born on Feb. 29th (or maybe it’s just me who finds that really interesting). But all that is besides that point, after 2011 was a year where the box-office was down, 2012 has been quite the turn around to that with January being one of the most successful starts to a new year’s box-office in a while. Hopefully February can keep it going and what films might be key reasons in that.


Found footage films have become a trend ever since “The Blair Witch” came out. A staple in the horror genre, it has pretty much run its course and become clichéd by this point. But then you have “Chronicle”, a found footage superhero movie. It seems to be a refreshing look on two traditional types of films, the found footage and the superhero origin. It’s been getting really positive reviews, having already come out just yesterday (2/3), so the word of mouth on this one is only going to grow.

Safe House

Denzel Washington is one of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood right now. Whenever there is a trailer for one of his films it is nearly impossible to be drawn in by him in some way or another. And he’s at it again in “Safe House”, hopefully the trailer isn’t just the best of for him in the film and there’s more gold throughout the running time like the “I’m already in your head” line. Plus he has a solid cast around him with Ryan Reynolds, Brendan Gleeson, and Vera Farmiga. But let’s be honest, if we’re going to go see this film, it’s because Denzel is going to be kicking some serious ass.

Act of Valor

Like “Chronicle” this is something different than what we normally see, and that’s why it’s peaked my interest. With real Navy SEALS as the characters the suspension of disbelief that we would have to probably have in a film like this otherwise is going to be completely gone. Everything they do is stuff that they had probably already done in real life. The question is, is it going to feel more like an hour and a half promotional video for the military or is it going to be a movie that we can actually invest in on a deeper level than just saying “wow that’s cool”.

These are the films that I’m most interested in seeing what comes of out of this month. What about you guys? Anything else that you’re really excited to see that’s coming out this month?


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